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Travel Xplorer are the leading taxi service provider in Srinagar,Kashmir. Known for The Best Taxi Hire Service in Kashmir. Taxi Hire for Srinagar Kashmir Tour, Airport Pickup-Drop, Srinagar Cab Rates. Srinagar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kashmir along with Srinagar. Kashmir is known for "Paradise on Earth". Tourist love to visit kashmir. We have arranged different travel services for kashmir.

We provide Srinagar-Kashmir Car Rental , you can book Taxi with Tour Package and easily go out with your family or even with your friends to Explore Kashmir's Tourist Destinations and I am sure you will even enjoy your sojourn all along the way and would love to go altogether repeatedly.

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About Srinagar

Srinagar is the largest city and the summer capital of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated on the banks of the Jhelum River. Srinagar is an extremely old city with a vast culture and long history. It dates back to 3rd century BC and is said to have been founded by the King Pravarasena II. He named this city after him as Parvasenpur, which was a part of the Maurya Empire then. Srinagar was also ruled by the Kushan dynasty, the Huns and the Mughals.Srinagar is appreciated worldwide for it′s amazing natural beauty. That′s why this state is rightfully called Heaven on Earth. Srinagar is also a unique city because of its lakes - the Dal , Nagin and Anchar. Srinagar has the distinction of having multifaceted and unique cultural blend, making it exclusive from the rest of the country, not only from the different cultural forms and heritage, but from geographical, demographically, ethical, social entities, which forms a distinct spectrum of diversity.

Location : Kashmir Region, J&K

Attraction :- Houeboats, Dal lakes, Gardens, Mountains

Best Time to Visit: March to August & October to December

Place to Visit :-

Mughal Gardens :-
Mughal gardens are a group of gardens built by the Mughals in the Persian style of architecture. The common features that all Mughal Gardens share is the rectilinear layouts within the walled structure with canals, fountains, pools of running water and several species of shade providing trees , flowers, fruits and aromatic grasses. There are 06 Mughal garden in Srinagar. You should visit during Kashmir trip like Nisant Bagh, Shalimarg Bagh, Chashma Shahi, Pari Mahal, Achbal and Verinag.

Tulip Garden :-
The Tulip Garden Festival Kashmir, also known as Indira Gandhi Memorial Garden(Siraj Bagh) is located in Zabrawan range. Tulip Garden Srinagar is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. The period from March to May is considered as the best time to visit the garden, but April is also a favorite month among flower lovers. Every year in the month of April, Jammu Kashmir government celebrates Tulip Festival.

Shankaracharya Temple :-
Shankaracharya Temple is located at a height of 1100 feet on the hill known as Takht-I-Sulaiman. The scared site offers splendid views of the valley and the snow covered mountains of the Pir Panjal range. Thi Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is of great importance, not only from the point of view of religion, but also from architectural viewpoint.

Dal Lake :-
Dal Lake, situated in the northeast of Srinagar inKashmir valley which is one of the most beautiful lakes in India and the second largest lake in Jammu and Kashmir.The lake is unique in having hundreds of houseboats, where the tourists can reside in peace and tranquility. The houseboats are served by shikaras (small boats) for transport and leisure.